Yoga del Sol Retreats

We began leading retreats way back when in 2008 with our very first hot springs retreat in Truth or Consequences, NM.  We are now celebrating 10 years of the Breathe New Life Into Your Life Retreat that started us on this beautiful journey.  In addition to local retreats in New Mexico we have traveled to Hawai'i, Maui and Belize. 


The beauty of a retreat is in the awareness that dedicated time brings to a practice. Practicing every day in community opens us in ways that a studio class or even daily personal practice just can't. The input from a teacher that guides you in practice twice daily, the good juju that the group creates and the time with yourself in an environment away from the norm ironically brings you home inside yourself.  We journey outward to travel inward to santosha - the bliss that always resides within us. This idea of santosha is the basis of every retreat we lead.


It is an absolute honor to work with students in this manner - to see them grow and their light shine brighter with every practice and every new experience. A retreat is an opportunity to dive deep and open your eyes to the beauty around us,  to explore new territory inside and out. We would love to share this with you.  Check out our upcoming retreats and trainings below, and please do join us!


Even though our name has changed, we are still exploring Santosha.