Marisa Wolfe

Lead instructor and owner of Yoga del Sol, Marisa is an experienced Kripalu-certified teacher registered with the Yoga Alliance.  Teaching since 2004, Marisa is a Kripalu teacher through-and-through, but heavy influences from the Pranakriya, Viniyoga and Yin traditions peek through in each class.  Marisa is also a Licensed Massage Therapist (#5949) and holds an advanced certification in Thai Yoga Massage from the Lotus Palm School.  Marisa's classes incorporate her geeky love of anatomy, her belief in the power of personal experience and a light-hearted approach, even to the deeper aspects of yoga.  In addition to teaching and offering bodywork at Yoga del Sol, Marisa teaches yoga and massage at New Mexico Tech, maintains a blog of yoga practice and inspiration, and leads yoga and meditation retreats as Santosha Yoga and Meditation Retreats.  Halli Bourne and Marisa recently released their first album, Breathe New Life Into Your Life - a guided yoga and meditation practice.  When Marisa is not yoga-ing or bodyworking, she can be found in the garden, hiking with her dogs, cooking, or curled up with a good book.  You can find more information about Marisa and her many interesting projects at

Maggie Griffin Taylor

A long-time yoga practitioner, Maggie has a passion and commitment to yoga that shines through with every posture.  She encourages students to go deep and find their own strength and their own passion.  Maggie's classes are always fun, strengthening and meditative, and help practitioners develop flexibility in body and mind.  Maggie is also a certified reflexologist that practices at Yoga del Sol, and is training in Thai Yoga Therapy.  In her "other life," Maggie is a professor of English at New Mexico Tech, where she also teaches yoga.

Valerie Moore

There is a reason for every part of yogic practice and it will make you feel fantastic!  This is the reason Val loves yoga and strives to make it accessible, especially to those who never thought they would find themselves in a yoga studio.  She leads strong, relaxing practices with a compassionate, inspiring sense of humor.  Val especially helps students develop a strong core, in order to bring more postural alignment, flexibility and balance to the body.  A strong core increases confidence not only in yoga but in life in general.  As a teacher, Val loves seeing students grow in confidence, strength and responsiveness to their bodies' needs.  She aims to decrease stress and bring more mindfulness and inner peace into her students' lives.  Val's other passions include being a construction volunteer with Habitat for Humanity (she's on her 23rd home!), volunteering with her church and in her community, and living a country life with all her critters.