Relax. Refresh. Renew...

We are now CLOSED.

Note that Marisa and Maggie are still teaching locally. Check Marisa's website at for all her classes. Note that you can change your email preferences there to be placed on the new "locals" email list. I hope you do and I hope to practice with you soon!

Dear Community,
We began back in September 2006, when my husband was looking for lab space for his consulting business. He checked out an old empty gas station near our house that a neighbor was renting. He came home from that viewing and said, "You know, the back is great for my lab but the front of that building is perfect for a yoga studio. Why don't you open your own place?" Of course I said that I couldn't possibly. Then realized that I could possibly. And the next month, I opened Yoga del Sol Studio.

Since that day, so many people have walked through the doors of the studio to find sanctuary and growth. It has been an incredible journey and such a blessing for me to be a part of these wonderful lives. A part of your life.

This last year brought tremendous change in my life. Some of it absolutely devastating. Some of it rather wonderful. Some of this change has been in the form of fabulous opportunities to teach Thai Yoga Massage and Yoga workshops afar and to collaborate in new ways with colleagues. These opportunities light me up - stimulating my intellect, creativity and wanderlust and I am so excited to pursue them. And, as much as I would like to do it all, I know that I cannot, so I will be closing Yoga del Sol in March. This does not mean that I will no longer teach yoga locally. Or that I will not happily see bodywork clients. But this does mean that I will not be available in the same way I have been these many years.

What can you expect from me going forward? You can expect more online offerings. You can expect me to continue leading retreats. You can expect lots more Thai Yoga Massage trainings and yoga workshops here, there and everywhere. You can expect that, when I am in town, I will offer series classes and bodywork appointments at other locations. You can expect me to work on my own healing, develop my own joy and a renewed sense of self. I hope you all will continue to be a part of all of this and continue to grow on your own path of yoga and life.

With much love and respect,


PS - Let's stay connected! I will continue to post to my social media channels and send news emails so that we can stay in touch and practice together, virtually and in-person  I would be most honored. Namaste. Jai Bhagwan.